ENJOY INK was created by people passionate about tattoos

ENJOY INK was created by people passionate about tattoos which are getting more and more popular year by year. However, it seems that many cosmetic companies don’t sell products with all-natural ingredients. And you got to give extra special care about your tattooed skin. You want to care about it. Foster it. For both aesthetic and health reasons. We decided to change all that and offer something more to our tattoo-loving consumers.

ENJOY INK cosmetics have a unique-innovation formula. It took almost tw years to complete it. We simply invited a team of scientists to work it out. The team was lead by “2019 Woman of Medicine” prize winning prof. Irena Walecki. Also the head of Dermatology Clinic of Central Hospital in Warsaw, Poland.

We at ENJOY INK wish to give you more than just cosmetic products. We think “out of box” and want to do more. One of our goals is to educate society about everything concerning not only tattooed skin care, but alson skin care in general. We strive to promote best practices. Thus, ENJOY INK will sponsor seminars, discussion panels, lectures and meetings of tattoo artists, lawyers, dermatologists and psychologists. We expect to raise awareness about the key problems regarding the world of tattoos.

We want to touch upon many subjects which are important, alas, avoided so far.

ENJOY INK make the first all-natural cosmetics for tattoo lovers!

After Care ENJOY INK cream

ENJOY INK After Care Cream was thoroughly tested. It nourishes, cleanses and moisturizes skin.

What is important you can use it right after your tattoo is complete, because ENJOY INK After Care Cream protects your skin from any inflammation. But there is more. It soothes irritations and speeds up skin’s physiological balance. ENJOY INK After Care Cream is hypoallergenic, doesn’t dry and irritate your skin. It is absolutely safe both for tattoo lovers as well as for those who still don’t have it.

ENJOY INK After Care Cream formula doesn’t contain any ingredients harmful for your skin. There are no parabenes or equivalents of phenoxyethanol, EDTA, tocopherile acetate, any polimeres derived from acrilic acid or any popular ingredients used to improve cosmetic formulas.


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